Book Impressions #5 -The Good Life / Palm Springs

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Good Life

General Impression:

Nancy Baron is a photographer I was not familiar with, but the front cover image and style piqued my interest. It has this interesting brown colour and texture that I think reflects the content of the book quite well. Judging from the title, I figured that this book would document a lifestyle that would most certainly be out of the ordinary.

The foreword reinforced this and provided a good context of the American dream and Americana generally within the community of Palm Springs.

The Photographs:

The photographs range from intimate environmental portraits to architectural photographs. I will say that wealth certainly does not indicate good taste; there was certainly a charm in many of the outfits and decorations depicted in this book. The decor mirrors the colourful personality of those that occupy these homes.

good Life 1

good Life 2

Nancy Baron certainly has an eye for what is to be included in the frame; the photographs are wonderfully composed.  The paper quality is good and the size of the book fits well on a shelf and displays the photos adequately. The colours are vibrant and it’s a well produced book.

Final Verdict:

Admittedly, the subject of photography within this book is not my cup of tea; however, I did enjoy this photo book. I really enjoyed my time with it and studying the photographs thoroughly. I have never been to Palm Springs and I am sure it would most certainly resonate more with those that are familiar with the lifestyle there. As an outsider, it was interesting and I enjoyed my brief foray and insight into this locale. I recommend it, and if the photography above captures your interest – I can guarantee the rest of the book will appeal to you.

You can view more of Nancy Baron’s work on her website.

Please feel free to share your opinion below.

You can purchase this wonderful photo-book as well by clicking on the links below:

Buying In United States

Buying In Canada


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