This image by Hayley Eichenbaum is quite popular; but I won’t shy away from commenting on a popular image either. She has a lovely gallery and I encourage anyone to check out her page.

I love the tone of blue throughout this image. The image has a cool colour temperature  with a warmth to it with the lighting near the sign. Blue and orange are complementary colours and this image hits a home-run for me in this area.

The classic car and the 1960s referenced on the sign are all very intriguing. The roof of the lodge acts a leading line to direct the eye toward the brightest point in the image – the sign (At least, it appears to be a bit brighter than the moon!).

The moon, signs and the car have excellent lighting and contrast so well with the rest of the image. Aside from the triangular roof, I can almost picture a sideways triangle forming between the moon, sign and down toward the car. The logo for the “Roadrunner” is also triangular and I like how it is directly across from the same logo on the building. Squares, rectangles, triangles, all composed together to make an interesting image.

I encourage you to look into more of Hayley Eichenbaum’s  work as she uses colour and shapes to make wonderful compositions.


Screenshot_2019-05-30 Instagram post by Hayley Eichenbaum • Nov 21, 2018 at 1 44am UTC.png

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